Volunteer Campaign Adds Locations to Pickup and Drop Off Petitions

November 13, 2021 Do you want to circulate petitions for the Water Infrastructure Funding Act, or just want to sign one yourself? Find them here, on our new website page “PETITION LOCATIONS.” Do you want to make petitions available at your business for registered voters to sign, and collect them once they are signed for […]

Water Initiative Petitions Begin Circulating Next Week

November 5, 2021 Californians who want more water: On November 1st the Attorney General of California released the title and summary for the Water Infrastructure Funding Act of 2022. This means that our campaign has until the end of April 2022 to gather 1.5 million signatures on our initiative petitions. As soon as title and […]

Legislative Analyst Report Claims Water Initiative Could Lower Water Bills

October 27, 2022
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The California Legislative Analysts Office has just produced a report to estimate the financial impact of the “Water Infrastructure Funding Act of 2022,” a proposed ballot initiative that aims to increase the annual supply of water to Californians by five million acre feet. The contents of this report are good news for every Californian. More water. Lower water bills.

Water Initiative About to Receive Title and Summary

October 25, 2021 Californians who want more water: We are getting very close to show time! By this time next week, the 180 day clock will be ticking. We will have till the end of April 2022 to gather 997,139 verifiable signatures from registered California voters. And even though every one of us is a […]