Final Version of Initiative Filed

September 30, 2021

If you click HERE on the website of the California Attorney General, you will find the FINAL version of the “Water Infrastructure Funding Act of 2022.”

This initiative, which we intend to qualify for the November 2022 state ballot, would accomplish the following objectives:

First, to allocate two percent of the state’s general fund for construction projects – aquifer storage, wastewater recycling, conveyances, surface storage, desalination, and water treatment – to increase the annual sustainable supply of water to California’s cities and farms by five million acre feet. The measure authorizes up to 50 percent of this revenue to be used to make payments on construction bonds, which immediately could raise about $40 billion.

Second, this initiative aims to alleviate the legal and bureaucratic obstacles to getting water projects approved and funded. We want this money to pay workers to build things, not to pay for endless litigation and bureaucracy. We believe the language we’ve arrived at strikes a delicate balance. It leaves protections in place for the environment, but streamlines the process.

To qualify and pass this initiative will take a powerful coalition of grassroots activists, water agencies, engineering contractors, agribusiness, and labor. Help us bring people together from all over this great state.

California is the wealthiest, most innovative place in the world. If there is anywhere on Earth where the challenges of drought and climate change can be overcome, it is here. Let’s solve these challenges, and instead of water rationing, create water abundance.

Please join us.

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