Meet our qualification campaign steering committee, a group of Californians from all over the state, united by the goal of eliminating water scarcity forever!

Coming from diverse sectors of the economy, with diverse skills and experiences, our small but growing leadership group strives to work on this bipartisan project with everyone, from grassroots organizers, to influential politicians, to powerful allies in business and finance.

Here’s our team so far:

  • William Bourdeau
    Business Federation of the Central Valley
  • Darcy Burke
    President and CEO
    Watermark Associates
  • Martin Chavez
    Board Director
    Stratford Public Utilities District
  • Kristi Diener
    Founder and President
    California Water for Food and People Movement
  • Shawn Dewane
    Vice President
    Mesa Water District
  • Jeanette Lombardo
    Chief Strategic Officer
    Global Water Innovations
  • Lisa Ohlund
    General Manager (ret.)
    East Orange County Water District
  • Devon Mathis
    Assemblyman, 26th Assembly District
    California State Legislature
  • Edward Ring
    California Policy Center
  • Stephen Sheldon
    Orange County Water District
  • Geoffrey Vanden Heuvel
    Director of Regulatory and Economic Affairs
    California Milk Producers Council
  • Wayne Western Jr.
    General Manager
    Hammonds Ranch

Californians need More Water Now
Support this initiative and eliminate water scarcity forever.