If you’re going to help collect signatures, PLEASE read this carefully. If you’re going to recruit other volunteers to help, DOWNLOAD AND PRINT these instructions.

Instructions on how to fill out petitions:

(1) Must be a registered voter to sign a petition. Not registered? Get registered here:

(2) Must have a street address, not a P.O. Box, and your address must match your voter registration information

(3) All signers on the same petition must be registered to vote in the same county. If the counties are different, start a new petition for each county

(4) Use blue or black ink and ensure the signer adds their information neatly inside the lines of the spaces provided

(5) Circulators must fill out bottom portion of petition and sign before returning or it will not count.

(6) Return signed petitions to:

More Water Now
9460 Tegner Road
Hilmar, CA  95324

(7) No photo copies, or home printed copies are allowed. Petitions must only be originals obtained from More Water Now campaign.

Californians need More Water Now.
Support this initiative and eliminate water scarcity forever.