Orange County Water District Endorses Water Initiative

October 12, 2021

The following statement was just released by the Orange County Water District, serving 2.5 million Californians. Our bipartisan initiative is gathering support from every corner of this state! To read the original press release, click here.


As California faces recurring drought, dry conditions and challenges to water reliability, the Orange County Water District (OCWD; the District) continues to take bold action to implement local water supply projects, as well as support the creation of new water supplies throughout the state. Recently, the OCWD Board of Directors voted to adopt a resolution to support the proposed Water Infrastructure Funding Act of 2022 (Act), an initiative to prioritize spending to increase California’s storage and supply of clean, safe drinking water.

“History will show this initiative to be a legacy moment where Californians came together to create a strong and reliable water supply for all people now and to come,” said OCWD Board President Steve Sheldon. “The strong bi-partisan support among state legislators is a great testament that we are united for this water supply initiative. I am personally thrilled that OCWD is the first water district in California to adopt a resolution of support of the Water Infrastructure Funding Act of 2022, and there are many more water districts with resolutions of support coming soon.”

Supported by more than two dozen state legislators, the Act calls for two percent of state general fund revenues to be annually set aside and allocated towards projects that create additional water supply for the state, helping to achieve short and long-term water resiliency. The Act directs state leaders to streamline the process to build water supply infrastructure projects such as aquifer storage, wastewater recycling, conveyance, surface storage, desalination, and water treatment, prioritize the maintenance, repair and upgrading of existing infrastructure, and increase the annual sustainable supply of water to California’s cities and farms by five million acre-feet.

Robust water supply initiatives and infrastructure investments are necessary to sustain longterm water reliability for Orange County, and for all of California. Locally, OCWD has already invested in maximizing water recycling, increasing stormwater capture, enhancing groundwater management, and implementing water quality projects that protect and increase supply. The District will continue to do all that it can do support this effort, while also supporting statewide initiatives, such as the Act, that increase water supply, improve aging water infrastructure, and construct new means to capture and deliver water to all parts of the state.