National Latino Farmers and Ranchers Association Endorses Water Initiative

December 16, 2021
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Today the More Water Now campaign, formed to qualify The Water Infrastructure Funding Act of 2022 for the November 2022 state ballot, announces another major endorsement, from the National Latino Farmers and Ranchers Association.

“What President Biden has done is fine but we need more,” said Rudy Arredondo, President of the National Latino Farmers and Ranchers Association. “As farmers and ranchers we are stewards of the land, and California’s water infrastructure is insufficient for us to protect our crops and make sure our land is clean and unpolluted.”

Rigo Rios, National Vice President and California Chapter President of the Latino Farmers and Ranchers Association called on all Latinos in California to support the Water Infrastructure Funding Act. “I hope they will consider the details of this initiative, because without more water, millions of Latino families will be greatly affected in the way of jobs and losing our livelihood.”

When it comes to water, what happens in rural California affects urban California, and visa versa. This initiative appeals to everyone, solving not only the rural challenge of keeping California’s rivers and wetlands healthy and delivering the most diverse and affordable locally sourced food produce on Earth, but also the urban challenge of providing an adequate and affordable supply of water to cities.

This initiative funds urban and rural wastewater recycling projects with the potential to treat and reuse 2.0 million acre feet of wastewater per year. It also funds more aquifer recharge and off-stream reservoir projects to capture storm runoff, projects with the potential to store and deliver another 2.0 million acre feet per year. It funds up to 1.0 million acre feet per year of water conservation projects. And of critical importance, it also funds projects to improve water quality and upgrade existing municipal water systems – explicitly prioritizing underserved communities.

The More Water Now campaign is proud to add the National Latino Farmers and Ranchers Association to its growing list of endorsements. These endorsements span a range of organizations, from rural farm bureaus to urban water agencies, from wealthy cities to communities where water equity is an urgent concern. These endorsements constitute a diverse collection of organizations and are evidence that The Water Infrastructure Funding Act of 2022 is a balanced, statewide solution to all of California’s water challenges, addressing the needs of the environment, farmers and farm workers, urban residents, and low income communities everywhere.

To learn more about the progress of this game changing initiative, visit the website or send an email to

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