Water Initiative About to Receive Title and Summary

October 25, 2021

Californians who want more water:

We are getting very close to show time! By this time next week, the 180 day clock will be ticking. We will have till the end of April 2022 to gather 997,139 verifiable signatures from registered California voters. And even though every one of us is a volunteer, we are exactly where we need to be at this point in our campaign.

According to the timetable mandated by the Secretary of State, an initiative must receive its official ballot title and summary within 65 days after it was originally filed. We filed “The Water Infrastructure Funding Act” on August 26, and that means it will have a title and summary and be cleared for circulation on October 30.

This means that in a few days, when the final language becomes available, our printer will format the petition, our attorney will review the formatting, and by around November 5, we will have printed our first batch of 100,000 petitions with room for at least six signatures on each petition.

Do you want to sign a petition? Do you want to circulate petitions as a volunteer? Can you help in other ways or have a suggestion? Let us know by sending a message on the Contact Us page on our website, or email contact@morewaternow.com.

The power of volunteer signature gathering, along with the direct mail campaigns we intend to launch early next year, has the potential to save donors millions of dollars. But qualifying a constitutional amendment for the California ballot is an expensive undertaking. We are working with partners across the state to provide the big endorsements and the big bucks – legislators, businesses, trade groups, farmers, construction contractors, trade unions, and individual donors.

In the meantime, every little bit helps. We have access to recent polling data that indicates 85 percent of Californian voters support investment in water infrastructure. We are going to supplement that information with our own voter survey, set to start this week. These vital measurements of voter sentiments, along with the partnerships we’re forming, along with the tremendous initiative we’ve written with the help of experts from all over the state, will give us the package we need to attract substantial financial support.

For those of us who can’t donate millions, or thousands, know this: every donation counts. A lot. This is because it is not only the amount of money we collect that matters, but the number of people who contribute. This campaign has already collected donations from nearly 200 people in just one month. The number of small grassroots donations we’ve collected already outnumber the quantity of grassroots donations made to the state water initiatives of 2014 and 2018.

Help us send a message – DONATE TODAY – and know that even small donations tell a big story: Californians want more water!

It’s going to be different this time. Read “What this Initiative Will Do,” and read “Why This Initiative Will Work.” This initiative provides ample funding for water projects and it plugs the loopholes that prevent voter approved projects from ever getting built.

Let’s show the 85 percent of Californians that want more water that we mean business. Let’s do this!